Child Custody

Child custody, abuse, and neglect cases are on the rise and Barrington Investigations has had a hand in successfully solving/resolving numerous cases. Child custody is very important when going through a divorce or paternity case. Through a combination of surveillance, video, and detective work, our investigators have time and time again, obtained evidence in cases where children were at risk. We document things such as cohabitation, first right of refusal, unattended children, or maybe the children are being taken care of by someone else that is not authorized. This is all documented by our investigators. We also can do trash pulls that document the children eating unhealthy food, or alcohol or drug abuse by the parents, or other people that are around the children. This will also show medications taken by the parent or children. There is a lot of evidence that can be gathered through the trash. You can also find a lot of general information about the children such as school events, grades, homework, doctor appointments, and receipts. This is all good information for you.


Spousal loyalty is an issue that, sadly, is on the mind of seemingly everyone today. Infidelity is at an all time high! The haunting question “Is my spouse being faithful to me?” persists. Barrington Investigations can help determine your spouses or partners loyalty or disloyalty in a number of innovative and discreet ways such as surveillance, concealed video, and selected database searches. We know you have questions like: Who is he or she calling on their cell phones? Why does his credit card bill show him buying roses that you never received? Is my spouse really a cheater? Why does the hotel computer show two people registered in his room on his last business trip? We can help you with these answers!

Proving your case can be easier with the proof that we can provide you. To catch a cheater is likely to be one of the most painful and devastating things that can happen to you, but it is to know the truth. Worse yet is not knowing if your spouse or partner is cheating on you. Cheaters are really good at trying to make you feeling like you are crazy or just imagining things. We get you your answers with an eye witness account, a detailed written investigative report, and digital/video evidence. We understand what you are going through, and are committed to helping clients like you with these issues. You need to know the truth so you can move forward with your life.

Oil and Gas Investigations

Barrington Investigations has over 16 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and  offers oil and gas investigations for royalty owners and also for oil and gas companies such as drilling companies, completions companies, and oil and gas/natural liquids transportation. We do court house record searches and court house record retrieval in all 77 counties. We also specialize in on site oil field surveillance to obtain information/evidence that you may not be able to obtain from going to the courthouse or getting online. Surveillance can also show theft from an outside party, vandalism, trespassing, employee theft or employee misconduct, and asset protection.  We can also help royalty/mineral owners with correct decimal interests, correct mineral acres, and verify production amounts for oil, natural gas/natural gas liquids, etc.. We can also help with skip tracing and locates for missing mineral owners and/or heirs. If you have a specific need, please contact us at 405-749-2101 or 

Background Checks

Background checks (also known as background checks, pre-marital investigations, or pre-employment screening) are a very informative, but discreet, look into the past and present of friend, enemy, lover, employee, relative, fiance, roommate, housekeeper, landlord/leasee, opponent, juror/witness, nurse, babysitter, nanny or other caregiver. Our computer databases access over two billions records, giving you an accurate, up-to-date, detailed report. From the listing of an individual’s most current and past addresses to an in-depth profile of property ownership, criminal history, corporate affiliations, driving history/DUI’s, bankruptcy, judgments and liens, previous and current employment records, and past workers compensation claims. It also lists possible relatives including, but not limited to spouses (past and present) and dependent children, and can even reveal important “Bonus” details such as whether the person has been found mentally incompetent in court. Our report may, in some cases, include a consumer credit analysis as well. A background search from Barrington Investigations can be brief and basic, lengthy and very comprehensive, or anywhere in between. We taylor each report to the individual clients needs, interest and budget. For employers, pre-employment screenings sharply reduce the risk of negligent hiring lawsuits should one of your employees be accused of any wrong doing while in your employ. Volume discounts are available.

Financial Asset Searches

Financial asset searches are very specialized investigations into the (sometimes hidden) financial status of an individual (or company or other entity). Efforts are often made, for various reasons, to conceal or down play (or sometimes exaggerate) one’s wealth. Barrington Investigations can sort out the facts regarding one’s assets through out ability to search bank account/broker house account holdings (even if the client can not supply the target’s bank, branch, and account number). Stocks/bonds, real estate, personal property (vehicles, boats, aircraft, motorcycles, machinery), insurance policies and annuities, and safe deposit boxes, etc..

Missing Persons

Whether it is a lost love, relative, deadbeat dad, witness or defendant in a legal case, debtor, former classmate, old military buddy, runaway, parental kidnapping victim, heir, biological parent/child, etc., Barrington Investigations can help you. Depending on a number of factors (e.g., length of time the person has been missing, how intent he/she is on staying missing), the task can be quite challenging, or remarkably simple if one has the appropriate computer databases, contacts, and experience in the finding of missing persons (also known as locates, jumps, or skip traces). Barrington Investigations has all of the tools needed to help you find who you are looking for.

Stalking/Harassment Cases

Stalking/Harrassment Cases are increasing at an alarming rate. Usually, but not always, the stalker's obsession with the victim does not result in any physical violence. But all too often, unless handled properly, the story can have a decidedly ugly ending. Even for those not killed or injured by their tormentor, the experience can be extremely stressful, if not downright terrifying. We assist stalking/harassment victims through our expert guidance on how to deal with the stalker on a direct level (there are some simple but crucial "rights and wrongs" you should know in terms of what and what not to say and do) while simultaneously initiating some indirect countermeasures (such as counter-surveillance of the victim's residence) aimed at bringing the harassment to a swift conclusion.

Process Service

Barrington Investigations provides statewide process service in Oklahoma. When you need professional, dependable process servers, look no further. We are investigators with people finding skills and we pride ourselves in getting your legal papers served promptly. We contact you by phone the minute we serve the papers, then we follow up by filing the proof of service affidavit promptly. Please contact us at 405-749-2101 or 


Surveillance is our most useful tool. It is a classic tool of the private investigator. It is often the best and sometimes the only viable option when knowledge of an individuals movements, habits, and personal contacts are in question. Be it vehicular or foot, fixed or mobile surveillance, we have the equipment and personnel to get the job done. Whether the individual is an unfaithful spouse, or you have a child custody issue, a dishonest employee,  a questionable business partner or a workers comp complaint, or a need in the oil and gas field, you are provided with not only a credible eye witness, but a detailed, written investigative report and digital photo/video evidence. For more information, please contact us at 405-749-2101 or 

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